**I have no words**

Yesterday, a guy, who visited our store, called corporate to complain about the fact that 2 women employees loaded his furniture into his vehicle instead of 2 male employees.

Ok, first the sarcasm:

Apparently, having ovaries affects the ability to use a dolly to load a piece of furniture into the back of a truck and stuff.

Ok, now the real discussion bit:

I get it, truly I do. They think that they are being chivalrous. Heavy stuff and men to lift it, sounds good to me too. The problem comes in when they act like ONLY a man can do it. The really insulting part was his insistence that  the fact that it was two women was why his stuff is damaged upon opening the box.

Um…pretty sure they didn’t slam it on the ground a couple times before loading it into the back of his vehicle, so that’s just nuts reasoning dude!

The more likely culprit, would be the forklift used to load it into the truck from the D.C. (of course, that forklift might have been used by a woman…I’d have to check and see if women are “allowed” to do such an “unwomanly” job.)

Let’s be real, men aren’t always around to do this stuff, nor should they automatically win the “you get to lift lottery” just because they have gonads. I can outlift a couple of the guys I work with without trying (if you factor in muscle presence and weight ratios) I’m just plain use to it. Plus, I know how to do it correctly so as to not break down the important stuff inside my body (like important muscles groups I will need later)

I just get mad that people are still assigning gender to tasks in life. Having ovaries isn’t required to be a good stay-at-home parent…and gonads aren’t really the deciding factor in wether or not I can lift something into the back of a truck using a dolly (which does most of the lifting work if we are giving true facts)

I feel better now.