Daily Log September 2, 2017

Feel free to skip this..it’s just a really boring personal run-down of my day today.

I got only 3 hours of sleep, so I knew soda was the only option. I really need to get back into a water-based drink situation. The 10 calorie packs aren’t as good for your kidneys as pure water, but after living in Florida 13 years with the worst tasting (and smelling) water ever created, I cannot bear the taste of water straight unless it’s extremely cold. (Bought some flavor packs on the way home..BOOYA!!)

Caught the bus at 7:03. Nose to book almost missed my favorite Russian lady saying hello (Seriously it’s not funny anymore…I need to ask her, her name). Since I only see her once or twice a month,  I haven’t gotten up the guts to ask her. Pretty sure she’s never told me, though I’m sure I asked at least once.

Edit update: Rena, her name is Rena. 

She taught me how to say “Thank you” in Russian ages ago (Still working on my challenge list). She wears red the most often which makes me think of her as the “red russian” and her enthusiasm amuses me.

Some people at the bus stop commented on our conversation the other day quite loudly (as if we couldn’t hear them…they were 3 feet away) saying how they wondered how much of her conversation I was actually comprehending because of her deep accent. It slightly annoyed me only in so far as it made me worry my friend would be insulted. I needn’t have worried, she didn’t even hear them. Lol.

She chatters non-stop whenever we see each other which I find really delightful, as it means she likes me and enjoys my company. Though, her accent is extremely deep, I have quite a lot of practice with accents after having lived for a year in Britain. (My friend, Anne, has an accent soo deep it took me forever to get accustomed to it). These days I can understand accents with no problem. It just takes patience.

After I got to work, I was informed that outdated food from the previous month needed to be marked back up and set up for disposal, which I did quite readily. The icky part was pouring the expired formula down the drain for the 44 bottles I was working with. Baby formula stinks to high heaven on a normal day, expire it and it’s even scarier.

After that was completed, I focused on pulling food that expires next month and thus, needs marked down. I was in constant motion, running from the back to assist in the floor and ring register and then back to my active task.

Once I got done with the readily available pulls, I went to lunch. Lean Pockets and reading my current Kindle book..pure heaven.

After lunch I moved right into date checking and dotting product for next month.

I completed 2 sections so I call that a good day.

Took the bus home while trying very hard not to fall asleep. Meh! Almost dropped my Kindle twice as I nodded off. (Hate when I do that!!)

Limping on my right foot. The arch is bruised. How the heck did I do that? Wondering if it was while on the step-ladder.

Was teased by family members upon arrival home over working Labor day (I call no fair!!) I made sure I asked for a lift that day as buses don’t run. Was assured I will have a lift (phew) upside is that it saves me $3 as I needn’t buy a daily pass then. Woot woot! That takes care of my lunch.

Helped myself to heaping helping of pasta salad/ egg salad. They made it with raw onion (strangely enough I love it that way) and Hellmanns mayo.

Was teased by family members, for a second time, over newly acquired habit of singing as I walk home, at night, due to the overabundance of skunk births this summer, in the area, and a healthy fear that I may startle them ( mama skunks are skittish as hell). I find singing warns them I’m coming and keeps me free of tomato juice baths and hasty calls into my work location due to an inability to work whilst being extremely stinky. (Stink happens dude!)

Finished off my evening playing Sims 3. I created the most interestingly cool house and cursed quite a lot at the slowest graphics card in 3 counties. It was worth it to finally get the thing done. It looks beautiful!! I even took a photo (will post tomorrow, I promise)

Time for bed.

Love, B