Today wasn’t a good day

I stayed in my room a long time today. Eventually I pulled myself out of my funk and worked on some projects and chores, but…I wasn’t my usual happy self.

See, sometimes I get really upset at myself for not being more successful than I am. I live with other people and, as much as I love and adore them, it’s still someone else’s home.

My heart wishes for a home of my own, (even my own apartment would make me extremely happy at this point) but, that’s not really possible for another year, at least.

I’m not resentful of my life, I am a happy person in most ways, I just always believed I’d have my own place one day. Instead I’ve had a lot of learning and growth internally. Spiritually I am really, really doing well. Economically however, sigh…..

One more year. I just need to be patient and trust my path.

I don’t wish for things anymore. These days, I just wish for strength.