Chiron trends in Astrology

I don’t know why but, whenever I do a work-up of my chart with another person, there are usually some Chiron aspects that come up. I am usually the Chiron. I cannot decide if this is a good or bad thing.

Chiron is the wounded healer. Someone who is working very hard on healing their own wounds and has a strange effect on others because of this energy. Chiron healers tend to accidentally activate others. This can be an easy aspect or a hard one, but it’s always something somewhat startling for the other person. To heal a wound it needs to be cleansed and the bad stuff drained out. Somehow just interacting with people draws their biggest pain right out of them.  I have gotten really, really good at helping people heal as a result, but not everyone reacts well to it happening.

See, my chart spells it out very clearly. I am completely tasked with a Spiritual path in this lifetime. I have always felt the presence of this, but my chart really nails it home. Dozens of aspects all mentioning a Spiritual path. My Spiritual path puts me through these interactions with others and I fret something terrible over causing others pain, even if it heals them. Some even resent me for it, and that hurts me quite a lot.

I know these interactions make me more aware. It helps me understand and more able to assist others who are working to heal themselves, but sometimes…sometimes…sometimes…

Sometimes it hurts too much.

I know I have support. Guides and angels watch over me, but it still makes my heart hurt.

I don’t like being misunderstood and my sensitivity makes me an easy target.

I hope my path leads me somewhere that feels like love.