Vacation Plans

Next week I have taken the entire week off from Sunday to Sunday. I have no solid destination or plans really. The truth is, that during holidays retail stores block out any requests off from November though December and, what with an upcoming store renovation, they will probably extend this until February. Which translates to “I need to get vacation while I can” so…a week.

Some of the things on my list of loosely considered plans:

#1 Complete reading the entire Amanda M Lee series of Midwest Witches. I have read them before, but not in order. Seriously love Landon and Bay (his affection for Aunt Tillie’s bacon spell still makes me giggle) I started these before vacation but it should fun completing them all.

(Progress Update October 22, 2017: Currently on Book 5. The bacon side-story had me craving bacon so bad I ended up making BLT’s. That was hilarious. Amanda M Lee, Please stop talking about bacon!!!!)

#2 Catch up on my webtoons. Seriously behind. I’ve missed at least three weeks of updates while doing chart research.

(Progress update: WHY are so many Webtoon artists on hiatus. Aaaarrrgghhhh!!!)

#3 Work on Shay’s Blackwork stitch. It looks rather interesting so far. I tried rooted thread for the first time and I think I did ok. I have the weirdest habit of trying new ideas when I don’t go with a standard pattern.

(Progress Update: Will be working on this tomorrow)

#4 Do a complete Chapter-by-chapter outline for The Ubiquitous Tome, Left with Livvy, and Lexi Morgan.

(Progress Update: Also working on this tomorrow)

#5 Watch a new K drama series. I’m thinking a romance but haven’t decided.

(Progress Update: Have decided on While You Were Sleeping..but haven’t started it yet.)

#6 Complete the Synastry and Composite transcription for project MW5T. I’m transferring all my efforts into journals. Once I’m done with them I can concentrate on my natal aspects for my own chart. I think I need a break from Astrology. It’s doing my heart in.

(Progress Update: Put in a solid 5 hours today on this!)

#7 Take some walks before Winter sets in. It’s definitely getting colder.

(Progress Update: Tomorrow for lunch, I think)

#8 Transition my room for Winter. It seriously needs rearrangement for the Winter shut-in moments that happen. After all, basements get freaking cold in Winter dude!

(Progress Update:….Umm….I got nothing. Lol)

#9 Plot my Christmas budget. I hate this part, but it needs done. Meh!!!

(Progress Update: Meh!!)

#10 Lots of lie-ins. I need to reflect on things and lying in bed is how I do it.

(Progress Update: Lie-in status at expert level!)