I don’t need a miracle, I have sister’s!

To be seen. Such a small thing. Yet, it can change someone’s life.

It can be frightening sometimes. “Do I want to be seen?” “Dammit, You see too much!”

It can be pleasurable. “I didn’t think anyone noticed” “Oh, for me? Oh my gosh!”

It can be vital. “She’s not ok. She’s not fucking ok. I don’t care what she SAYS….she needs me!” “No, I won’t stop, you need to face this!” “I know you don’t have the money, please let me buy it, because I love you stoopid!”

My sister’s are my truth, my mirror, my strength and my salvation.

They sometimes realize I am bleeding, before I do.

They understand my pride and my pain.

No matter what comes. I know I have a place to retreat while I heal. A place to celebrate when I win and a place to plot devilishly the demise of ten thousand doubts.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!