Vacation day #1

Woke up at about 10 am. First, I prepared something to eat. I decided on a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and some pepperoni sliced in. I added just a tiny bit of ranch dressing to make it easy to eat. A little raspberry lemonade and I call that a good brunch. 

After munching on my meal, I got to work on my writing project. That was super-satisfying. I learned quite a bit about Composite astrology today. I must admit, I like Synastry better. It goes a bit deeper in positive and negative details, whereas, Composite tends to be a bit more careful not to offend the reader. I just feel like Composite is less specific. Though, it is still pretty interesting. I learned that some Astrologists dislike Composite and prefer dealing only in Synastry because they prefer a side-by-side analysis to one that combines and creates a whole new chart. I worked on that for a good solid 5 hours.  

 At about 3:30 I played some Farmville and discovered I’m in second place for the leaderboard. I was kind of happy and sad at the same time. Mostly because this means I spend way more time on this game than I should be. I played for about an hour and decided I needed to rest a bit more. I slept about 2 hours.

I slept because I was in a bit of pain. I started feeling a bit of a pang feeling in my left side shoulder yesterday at work, which concerns me. It feels like a sharp dull ache, unlike anything I’ve felt before. It’s in the vicinity of my back near the location of my left lung. I prayed fervently to the vacation God’s because I always seem to get sick while on vacation. I could really use a vacation without pain for once.

By then it was 6:45 so I watched “Life Beyond the Blankets” while munching on some pancake, eggs, and cold-brewed coffee I made for the first time today to try out (It was delish!) I laughed when I realized I’ve kind of eaten my meals backwards today. Breakfast for dinner and Dinner for Brunch. 

I didn’t do much today because lately I am really quite tired. I felt the need for some solid rest which is primarily why I requested a whole week off from work. 

I think I will focus on my sewing and storytelling tomorrow. I also need to take a proper walk outside. 

Not super exciting, I know, but this is exciting for an introvert homebody.