Kindle Unlimited was the best investment I ever made

I ride two buses to get to work every day. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to get to work and 2 hours to get home again. With an 8 hour shift, I am basically out of the house about 12 hours a day minimum. So, unless you want to be bored half-to-death, you tend to find entertainment.

For me, that choice was easy..books! My Kindle holds a ton of books at once which, is great for traveling..not to mention life is easier if you can put your books in a very small, waterproof bag when it rains or snows. It’s just the right choice for me though, I do love my hardback books (those I keep at home on my bookcase).

​So, I wondered how many books I have read since I got my Kindle Unlimited account. So, I went ahead and counted them. Did you know Kindle keeps track of them? No matter how long you’ve had the account, they track it all! I have had mine since 2014.

Here’s my tally:
Started in October 2014:
2014: 28
2015: 110
2016: 155
2017 (so far) 131

That’s 424 books.
I pay $10 a month for my membership.

That’s about $120 a year…

So, $390 for 424 books and I haven’t finished this year out yet. That’s less than a dollar a book.
I just love when I make good investments!!

Now, before you ask. No, I wasn’t paid or given anything anything for this post. I just have never been disappointed by Amazon.

Their customer service has helped me many, many times. Twice when it really, really mattered.

The first time, when my Kindle stopped working, the second time, when I was mugged and got my Kindle stolen from me.

The time it stopped working (before determining that I still had a covered warranty on it) they even offered me a 75% discount to replace it.

The second time, when I was mugged, they also offered me a discount on a new one, locked my stolen one so it couldn’t be accessed, and took my credit card information off the account so I couldn’t be charged for any purchases they might have attempted.

How can you not love a company like that?