Would you rather? (1-35)

My Answers: 

#1 I’d rather be early. Always.

#2 I guess I choose valuables. The truth about me is that I don’t cherish the actual things..they are just things, I cherish memories…so either answer is acceptable to me. Now, if it said memories or valuables…no contest. Money can be re-made and things re-bought.

#3 10 minutes into someone else’s future. I like mine unseen. 

#4 Famous after I did. Legacy is far better than infamy.

#5 4 yrs for something I didn’t do. Just cause you don’t get caught doesn’t mean you don’t pay for it with your soul. Both choices are doing time, ones for life, the others for 4 years.

#6 I’d rather die than hurt anyone, but hurting a child  would be particularly destructive to my ability to forgive myself.

#7 Too big. Tight clothes freak me out 

#8 Introvert remember? Wilderness would be a vacation.

#9 I’d prefer the people I love to love me. People who don’t know me, can’t hurt me. 

#10 I like my world real. If I want fantasy I’ll write it.

#11 I am already surrounded by annoying people, I call them my family. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

#12 I’d lose Social Media in a millisecond. Can’t live without movies.

#13 I’d rather put in a hard day’s work either way, but particularly for myself. I don’t know any other way to be.

#14 Cures a disease. Fix this planet first!

#15 Horrible Short term memory. Short term this becomes long term eventually. I cannot bear to forget Z’s birth.

#16 Invisible. I’d get on a plane and fly somewhere I’ve never been. Thus, I’d get to fly and be invisible. 

#17 Believe it or not dark (so long as I got to see the room in the light beforehand.) I’d sleep my ass off. In the light for a week would make me feel too exposed.

#18 (Who writes this stuff?) I’d rather be poor. Hurting people means you’d be penny rich but soul poor.

#19 Hurricane season in Florida can answer that one really quick! Internet. I need heat in Winter.

#20 Dream job. If you have that you wouldn’t want to retire.

#21 True Love. Love is worth more than 5 Million dollars any day of the week.

#22 Read Minds. Teleporting would make you lazy and unhealthy.

#23 20 years, no regrets. Always.

#24 I wanna be loved.

#25 I’d rather know when, so I can plan for my families future without me. I don’t really care how..I’ll still be just as dead. 

#26 Future. There are no doctors that far into the past..lots of people died in the 1500’s. It isn’t as exciting as people think. It was actually terribly sad and hard to survive 500 years ago. 

#27 ??? I lived before both were invented. Who cares? Take away the touchscreen as it’s the most recent. I really have no preference. 

#28 I’d like to control water. Water is actually stronger than fire. Water puts out fire, fire doesn’t destroy water. Water evaporates but never truly goes away. Fire destroys things including itself.

#29 Not salty enough. You’d at least be able to eat.

#30 Huh….feet, I think. I could be a kangaroo.

#31 Taco!!!!!!!!  (crap, now I want taco’s!!!)

#32 Search Engines are just encyclopedias. I can always go to the library. Social Media let’s me talk to multiple other countries simultaneously. Besides, I could always just call my sister…she claims to knows everything. Lol

#33 Ewww!! I’d rather bathe. Internet isn’t my most important thing. Now, if you’d said reading..I’d have had a conundrum. 

#34 I’m an organ donor. I believe in giving to people while I’m alive as well. Which is why I am in the transplant database. You only need one kidney.

#35 I don’t want to relive my life. I like that I only get to live it once. Lessons learned. Same answer for knowing my future. I only want to live it once. No, to both.

(I’ll answer more in a later post. I wish this existed online in a copy/paste version. Having only a photo makes it harder to read and answer.)