Astrology Complete

Four long months of learning and researching and I’m finally done!

The only thing left to do are my own Natal Aspects.

I have researched all three Astrology Report types: Natal, Composite, and Synastry. I learned quite a lot about myself, my favorite person, and the interactions that occur between charts for both those going into a relationship, and those committed to a relationship as a single united unit. It was startling on many levels. 

I learned quite a bit more than I thought I would. It struck me emotionally more than once, and I worried (quite a lot) about the wisdom of using my favorite person as the other in my research. Nothing says ouch! like the possibility of damaging your nieve childhood memories with the stark reality of a person as they truly are (instead of as you imagine them to be).  

It had seemed a simple thing at the outset, but became increasingly more complex as I went along. Mostly, because I became quite attached emotionally to the strength, friendship and even the struggle, of the personalities discovered, not to mention, the discovery of quite a lot interactions I never expected to find (“Destiny’s Gate”, Double Yod Configurations, Double Whammy’s and a “Linkage of Trust”) to just name a few.

There are definite challenges to such a pairing, but I can see amazing possibilities for healing, growth, and intimacy within the aspects. It was really quite beautiful and insightful.

I ended the research feeling very proud of the person I chose as my other. He would definitely be worth the work.