October 27, 2017

Daily accounting.

Upon waking: Sometimes I wake up and I immediately think of a word from the dictionary. It’s sorta strange, but it happens so often I’m use to it. I don’t really understand why it happens. It’s usually a word I hardly ever use, or worse, am surprised I even knew to begin with.

I thought  one of these words first thing this morning and looked it up online. I saved it in bookmarks to remember later, then deleted it..thinking myself silly for saving it..now cannot recall the word and wish I’d left it in bookmarks. (Story of my life right there).-

Update: **** I totally took a screenshot and forgot…Woot!! Just found it!


I can’t believe I took a screenshot before I deleted the bookmark. Why not just keep the bookmark? I’m kinda dorky.

I dreamt a lot this time. The kind that is weird, in that, even waking up doesn’t affect the dream..it literally picks up where it left off once I start dreaming again..which, honestly, isn’t very normal. I usually forget once I wake up completely..like whisps of a long conversation you once had, but cannot even repeat because too much time has passed. It makes me annoyed because the dream God’s consider it important enough to make me keep dreaming it, but not enough for me to study it and think it over once I’m fully conscious. Sigh***

I played games, ate ice cream, and sewed some of my project (photos below).

Being an Introvert suddenly feels very lonely.