Sunday strategy

The only thing on my list (for my vacation plans) that I haven’t done yet, is the book plotting and strategizing. Tomorrow’s the day.

Hamilton: The book is done but I still haven’t done the rewrite. Need to print out the entire book and make correction marks all over it. I’m going to see if anyone will take it home and print it off for me. I need to go through and summarize each Chapter now that they are done, in case I want to add bits in that I left out in the rush to get my thoughts down. (AGE GROUP: 8-12)

Left with Livvy: I have a solid storyline in my head, but this bears writing out. I love Livvy very much. She’s me as a kid, but with a slightly harder hill to climb. (My sister-friend, Kazza read it and said the classroom scene made her cry…since the goal in that scene was to make you feel something. I call that a win.) Seth is the guy friend I wish I’d had, so he gets special treatment. (AGE GROUP: 13-16)

Alderdeen: I truly love my world creation. I need to flesh it out even more. These are the days I wish I could paint or draw. I’d love to capture the images in my minds eye. Alderdeen is the one I want a really long series. 13 books planned since it’s paranormal characters. (AGE GROUP: Adult 16- ?)

Lexi Morgan: Seriously have a true solid start on that one. I’m already in by 7 Chapters. I need to delve into my character descriptions and where I want the storyline for each to travel. (AGE GROUP:  Adult 16-?)

The Moon Lenses: Since I no longer have a writing partner and I can’t use his work without his permission, this one might never see the light of day..which is a shame as it has an absolutely brilliant story premise that’s never been done or seen before. It has the same world creation feeling as Harry Potter..but is absolutely nothing like the Harry Potter world. Still, it has that special feeling to it because the ideas are complex and layered.

The Ubiquitous Tome:  I really like the idea of a book that exists everywhere at once. Gotta get some story plot ideas.

Space School: I have ideas. Many, many ideas.

Don’t Mess with the Contessa. Illustrated Children’s Poem. The writing part is done. I need an Illustrator for it though. Once again, wish I could draw. The images are completely clear in my head. (AGE GROUP: 6-8)