I’m surrounded by kindness

Yesterday, Jan (work mom) bought me a pack of Rolos. I didn’t ask her to, she just decided I need a bit of chocolate and bought me one. I told her about the popularity of the rolo commercials in Europe and the “Last Rolo.“campaign that entranced people so much that they even make gold Rolos for people to give each other on Valentine’s day.

Today she brought in a 32” fiber-optic tree so I can put one in my room. She said it was just sitting in her basement and she just thought it would be nicer making my Christmas nicer.

Gayanne, one of my co-workers, gives me a lift home practically every Saturday. She doesn’t live anywhere near me, in fact, it’s quite far from her home. She takes me because she wants me to get home 1.5 hours earlier than I usually do on Saturdays (Saturdays commute is about 30 min longer than my normal 2 hr weekday commutes)

Anne, the mum of my friend, who lives in the UK, writes me postcards every few months. She tells me how they are doing there and encourages me to keep going with my dreams even though I can’t write back as often as I would like, she writes me every single year at Christmas. Yesterday, I received a Christmas card from her which included sewing floss in with the card, for my sewing. I cried over the threads because they represent love.

This is just an example of the love shown and seen in my life every single day. So many people I could name. So, so many. My co-workers (past and present), my family, my neighbors and my many acquaintances from every place and every season.

I’m an ordinary person. I do my best to show my gratitude to the people who see me and show me their heart. I truly don’t have the money to show my appreciation as I would like. I feel loved and this is extremely valuable to me. They humble me so much. They fill my heart full. I can’t express my appreciation with things, but I can express it with my actions.

Because of you I look for strangers to help.

Because of you I cry when I see people’s dreams come true.

Because of you I forgive unkind words, unkind deeds, unthinking actions.

Because of you I look for the right words to heal

Because of you I look for beauty in the world, and the world creates beauty inside of me.

Every year children write letters asking Santa for what they want most for Christmas.

 Me?, I just want the people who love me to know….I notice. I notice you understanding me. I notice you respecting my pride, my struggle, my need to stand on my own two feet, while still gently loving me in small ways that let me know you have my back, if needed. 

I sometimes cringe at my lack. I can’t buy lavish things to show my appreciation. I can’t show how much the small tokens mean to me. I have only my words, my prayers, my complete heart that remembers and honors the love that exists.

There is love in my heart because you put It there.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.