Barely relative

It was easier when you didn’t care
a listless pulse just lying there.
Deadfish to my cries, my sad goodbyes,
my recognition of your tactless commentary
too wrapped in your own perfume
to see the innocence taken much too soon.

I stumbled over you like a forgotten chair
Uncertain about you being there.
I brace myself for your selfish sorrow
thinking only of your lost tomorrow.
While my scars shine with gold, newly painted,
you got a scratch and nearly fainted.

Broken, you couldn’t bear the weight.
Left me alone to face my fate.
Turned your face away and sought the sun.
While I stared down the barrel of a loaded gun.
Now you arrive in tatters seeking salve
Inspect me like an open valve.

I closed that faucet long ago.
My waterworks need honest priming
Lost to your endless lack of timing.
You gave me little, arrived too late.
It seems to be an inherent trait.
Blood diluted by water.