My book

This is a copy of my book. Editing-time! Apparently I can borrow a laptop at the library free while I’m there. I am totally excited about getting this book completed. I read the first 10 Chapters through and it’s truly funny in parts. 

I have a headache the size of a small mountain. It’s because  there is this twist of nerves in my neck. I keep massaging it but it’s extremely tight. Hopefully it will improve if I sleep differently tonight. 

I finally have a proper bed! I got it secondhand but, since it’s from a military base it’s in incredible condition. It’s an extra long twin….I like it. 

I am on Instagram with increasing regularity lately. Men keep attempting to PM me…I find it insulting when they open with “Hello Beautiful” because it shows they don’t actually read my Instagrams, if they did, they’d know that opening any message with that, is a guaranteed delete from me.  I’m 0% interested in if someone finds me attractive or not. Plus, most of these guys have nothing on their Instagram but photos of themselves…I am of a firm belief that what you post shows what you really care about.

Anyway, I seriously need some K Drama I’m off to lie in the dark reading subtitles.