Dear Man I haven’t met,

Of all the dreams of you I have ever had, that one was the best!

Still laughing over the reaction to the thought of having to dissect an earthworm. Why was the inability to do gym an immediate trip to biology class? I shared how much the smell of formaldehyde was going to make you uber happy. Your reaction to me suggesting you pray your class wasn’t before lunch was hilarious. I told you how much I hated dissecting a baby pig as a kid. You could take a C grade and skip the dissecting though.

The chance to touch your face was a gift. It made me super happy. As was just sitting with you. It felt real and extremely comfortable. As always we were at ease with each other. Comes from dreaming about the same person since little, I suppose.

Only one question. Why were you about to drink coffee (with lots of milk…which is funny since I know you don’t actually drink it with milk) out of a leather doll shoe? Dreams are weird.

I can’t remember the first part of the dream, though it was vivid as I woke. I did notice I said your name in my dream. That was extremely amazing.

My smile can not be contained.