Finding balance in shifting sand

To find my balance in shifting sand, I have had to dig deep, deep, deeper than I ever dreamt. I have had to dig until I hit the foundation of my soul and finally accepted and loved who I am, at my core. What have I learned?

Sand is heavy. Moving it isn’t a simple thing. Sometimes I get tired. Sometimes the sand tries to run back into the hole. Sometimes I get scared this hole will swallow me up. 

Sand is hot. It burns my small concerns away, until I become stubborn, more stubborn every scoop of my hands. Determination and will welded like a shovel can clear things faster, but you pay..Yes, you pay for such strong tools. The price is pain. You burn away what isn’t you anymore, wasn’t you to begin with, or was a you that you didn’t decide to be. 

Sand is irritating. It finds everything. Little cracks and tiny scars. You will confront and heal even your smallest cracks. To hold water, you must seal the holes inside you. 

Sand is nothing. It merely blocks, it can be moved. It floats away on air to find a new place to rest. Once you find your air, you find strength to blow the sand away. Then, the real building begins. 

I know all about finding my balance. I have fallen. I have moved my sand. Sometimes with just my own two hands, but I moved it. By God! I moved it. 

My tarot cards caution balance. Keep your balance. Find your center. Know who you are.

Now build.