The Missing Happy 

Sometimes it isn’t “happily ever after”. That….wasn’t your path. You learned much, taught much, and it was about love learned, not love kept. 

You didn’t know that at the time. You felt like something broke. Something was wrong and you broke it. The sadness overwhelmed you. You stood there looking at your “suppose to be” and realized it had become a “wasn’t going to be”. You walked away in despair of having lost something you vitally wanted. 

Then, one day…quite unexpectedly, someone asks if you regret it..that love that wasn’t meant to be forever, and you realize…you aren’t sorry it happened. You gained more than you lost. You learned so much about love and being loved, that a vital part of you would have gone missing, if you hadn’t lived and loved with the intention of ” forever”.

 You weren’t meant to have forever. You were meant to walk a path that lead further forward..and suddenly it’s ok. 

It’s ok because there was a reason for this particular path. Now, it’s about finding out where all this training is going and being glad…glad you loved someone enough to want them to have a “happily ever after” even if it isn’t with you. 

 Sometimes it isn’t “happily ever after” because, the story isn’t over yet!
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