Eric Keitel: Actor, Poet, Adventurer

​I was perusing Instagram (as I do) when I happened upon an Insta-vid of a poetry reading by Actor Eric Keitel, whom I follow regularly though my feed. I was intrigued. This guy is already quite interesting on a normal day this, I had to see.

I find Eric interesting because, there is more to him than meets the eye.  He could easily slip into the background of people aspiring to act. (there are many such in the world) except….there is just something about him that connects to something more, something special.

He studied theatre at Ohio State University (graduating Magna Cum Laude) has a stuffed monkey he takes along on his reading adventures, is a confirmed “Goonie”  and has a  bright, shiny sparkle of humor and happiness that invites you to come along with him on his adventures. Each time he posts I learn a bit more about this versatile guy. He likes trying things, all sorts. He has a sense of humor that sneaks up on you and he’s always open to communicating with the people who visit his posts. This guy is kinda alive.

I clicked the video. What came next was amazing! Acting and poetry. A proper storytelling in poetry form. He made me laugh at first with his hair dangling in his face but, then the poem grabbed my attention… and didn’t let go. It was incredibly well done, this reciting of his own poem. By the end I was a firm fan. “How funny” I thought, “That I get to see his acting for the first time in the retelling of this poem”. The poem was enhanced by the reading of it. It came to life.

Below is the poem but, I would suggest also going to Eric’s Instagram  (@whoiserickeitel) and clicking the poetry link in his bio section so that you can experience it, the way I did, watching Eric read it himself. You will probably want to follow him on Instagram after that. After all, he’s inviting you on an adventure with each sparkle in his eye and each wry smile pointed inwardly and outwardly, at life.

Remember when you got shot down before you even left the ground?
It didn’t quite hurt, but there in the whirling dust
There was the faint sound of screaming
And the scent of burnt fuel
And suddenly you caught fire.
Your skin burned off
And melted away
And all you were left with
Was the empty feeling of never taking off
A remembrance of centuries spent on the runway
Waiting for your turn, but it was all in your head.
The entire thing was in your head
The runway the plane the sky
You imagined it all, the flight
You had mapped out
Is a dream you’re having on your lonely island
And upon stirring, no one is there but for the rude woman you’ve been carving out of stone staring off to the sea.
“Why not at me?”
She betrays you, far off adventures in her eyes with foreign men of harder stuff
From different times and places,
Rocky shores and dangerous cliffs,
Armor-clad knights testing their mettle
With pointed steel.
And yet you press on, continuing to define
And polish a face that doesn’t regard you
Every stroke making it clearer
That she is not yours and you are a fool
Of your own making.