Wanted: A man to regularly annoy with my non-presence

I wish I could just pick a random interesting and amazing guy off Instagram to be my friend and write them long annoying letters about random crap and not have them think I am out of my mind or looking to hook-up with them.

I honestly just want someone male to talk to about stuff and not have it be weird. No, I’m not looking for a romantic partner or even a sexual one. No, I’m totally serious.

I also need them to be ok with me ignoring them for really long periods mixed with periods of the extreme opposite where I then completely overwhelm them with too much information and sharing at  3 am through email and text.

To be honest, I just want someone to talk to about art, film, music, travel, and dorky stuff I’m interested in learning about (but mostly probably just dorky junk I find online)

Anyone interested in writing someone who has absolutely 0 interest in being romantic with them? Anyone?


See, I’m an Introvert..this is what we are like. This is why I have like 3 close friends…Sigh** I’m soo not good with the in person thing. Writing is my comfort place but, there are obvious problems with that..mainly, that most people like to know the person they are talking to in real life or eventually would like to actually see you in person.

Thing is, that’s not something an introvert does easily, if ever. I have one speed..extremely slow. Like, think snail’s pace. I’m interesting on paper but a total spaz in person. I need a friend who doesn’t mind that I don’t want them to meet me until I’ve known them a minimum of 6 months or so..or like um..maybe never.

I want to know everything about you to the point that you are slightly uncomfortable with how much you have shared about yourself. Yup. That’s my happy place. Can we like, make that happen maybe?


(Cue the crickets again)


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