How you know you are a meant to be a writer

You wake up at 2 am with ideas like the one below (I copy/ pasted it from Instagram) and need to type it all out before you forget. You could wake up next morning and think “What was I thinking? Was I drunk?” or wake up and think “Brilliant! Soo gotta use that in the next book!”

Book idea: I’m thinking about how cool it would be if a spaceship was programmed to respond only to commands similar to the way a waitress gives orders in an old fashioned diner so that no one else could ever fly it because the commands are so complex. Captain: “Computer take it up into a loop-de-loop and then fast forward into the electric slide until you hit 3 Whoa Nellies and straight into the Hail Mary Pass! Don’t stop the music until Panic at the Disco is reached then, let it idle down into plaid until we reach sector jello. If you run into the po-po treat it like the parentals and leave them wondering who let the dogs out at the last possible second.” Computer: “Noted Captain Morgan! Party on dude!” #thatolddinerfeeling #storyidea #imnuttybutbrilliant