Poet rant incoming, please wait….

I love the written word. Love the way words sound together. The imagery they envoke when spoken. The subtle sharing of phrasing that helps the poem reader get into your head and walk around. To feel your emotions, your thoughts, your very personal memories. It’s intimate and it takes a lot of thinking and considering before the poem even gets written.

What I hate, quite a lot, is lazy poetry. Poetry that I refer to as “Greeting card” poetry. It could be written by anyone, to anyone. It drives me nuts. No, really. It makes me crazy frustrated. The poet in you deserves better. The poetry you write should be like a fingerprint, a distinctive flavor all you. Poetry that if read without your name on it, would still be immediately recognized as yours. Yours because it belongs to you. It’s part of you.

I work on my poetry even when I’m not. I think in poems. I breathe in poem. So..when I stumble upon someone claiming to be a poet and the poetry is vague..it makes me lose my mind. I want to shake people who write this way and say “There is no YOU in this poem! Where is the YOU of this poetry?”

Because poetry is intimate. It matters extremely little if others like what you’ve written. What matters, is creating a part of you that timestamps that moment in time. Poetry really should have a soul. To do less than that is wasting time never truly understanding what poetry truly is.

If you don’t share your soul, you cannot ever claim to be a true poet, and that truly would be the biggest shame of the universe, because the universe needs more poetry.

Sorry..had to get that off my chest….phew.

Rant end—————-