Who writes this stuff?


Um….introduce myself? Cause, I am a LADY, I don’t need alllll the attention, I can ride in the backseat without having a meltdown, men have friends too, and I trust the people in my life…(otherwise, they wouldn’t be..in.my.life.) It’s called self-respect, not having an ego, and trust. Who writes this stuff?

This is the difference between being someone’s girlfriend and being a significant other.

Not to mention, this meme is similar to one where a guy says “Your girl is wearing a barely there dress. You gonna let her go out like that?” And people rightly protest saying she can wear whatever she wants. Same goes for men.  If I am in a relationship, with someone, he’s not owned, he’s not my property, he has the right to friends and the right to have them sit in the front seat of the car when I’m the one he’s kindly picking up. Respectful boundaries go both ways