What it’s like coming home after working 3rd shift

Do you reeaallly want to know what it’s like inside my head?

You might regret.


Here goes:

Come home. Trying not to make noise but soo happy to be home I want to dance. Carefully, as I am hella sore and tired..but still, wanting to dance nonetheless.

Sister’s Family has already left for work/school.

Brush teeth. Put on Pajamas

Fall into bed. Zzzzzzz…

Wake to dogs barking because they hate being alone.

Time elasped: 12 minutes. A new record!!!

Contemplate ignoring them, but know eventually will succumb to pity because even whilst disavowing any and all affection of said dogs, know I am soooo soooo very fill of shit. The fuzzy butts know I like them…I am soooo screwed.

Contemplate (for the 23rd day in a row) the suspicion that dogs are very much aware I am still here, even though I attempt to make 0 noise in hope they will stop barking, howling, attempting to sound as pitiful as possible.

Hear a doggie-type version of “sucker!” in my head as I give in… yet again. I need coffee…lots of coffee. 3rd shift means nothing to anxious Pomeranians. I will sleep once Adam gets home from school.

Take my survival gear downstairs.

Release the hounds!!!! (Suddenly the voice in my head has an English accent…interesting.)

Decide if today it will be Agents of Shield, or NCIS (just started season 13). Turn on NCIS.

Turn on OTT light. Mock glare at dog who just licked my arm. ewwww dude!!! Personal boundaries mean anything to you?

Pull out current sewing project.  Stitch. Stitch more…stitch more. Realize I made an error…curse. Curse again because that felt kinda good.

Frog a section. Resume sewing.

Get a rumbly in my tumbly

Go to kitchen. Pretend I have actual food knowledge and/or cooking skills. Make toast and coffee refill. I am Spartacus!!

Back to sewing. Let doggoes out to pee. Contemplate leaving them out there. (What? I’m tired dude!)

Let them back in..go back to sewing.

2 pm.

Nephew is home from school. Restrain self from leaping up and embracing him enthusiastically. That would be….awkward.

Go to room. Consider leaping into bed..recall scar from past tragedy from doing this very thing….skip it in favor of not bruising.

Curl up on left side, turn in bedroom fan. Slide side pillow over for facial support. Close eyes in moment of blissful joy. Finally.

Sweet sweet sleep.