Sooo…I did something weird,

Sooo..I discovered that Keanu Reeves and Tom Hiddleston have flip-flopped month and days of birth. (Reeves is born: 9/2 in 1964 and Hiddleston is born 2/9 1981) Therefore, like any demented fan with a fondness for Astrology, I did a compatibility chart for them, to see if they could possibly ever act together, at some future point. As you can see……well, it’s not good. Abort, abort, abort!!! Warning! Warning!


Sooo….they apparently, would both get along well with me separately, but, not with each other….hmmm. Guess we can’t all three write a book together.


Ps…don’t worry MW5T you’re still my favorite 💗… I just like him as a friend. 😁)