Bexley Benton

Virgo Moon in the 5th house

Rising Planet:Sun

Dramatic, magnetic, impulsive, attatched and sentimental.

This is the house of pleasure and for you, pleasure is learning!

While you are a natural born leader with a passionate nature, that dramatic flair sometimes gets you into hot water. You often find yourself venting about aspects of your work you want to change or correct in some way. Be careful who you choose to share these feelings with, not everyone is as discrete as you are about sharing what was heard during a ranting session.

You are passionately involved with learning and going hand-in-hand with that, is passion for your work. If you can’t do what you love for a living, you will still do what you must do, with great enthusiasm, the moment that shift ends however, you’ll be off like a rocket to do what you really love.

Some problems come up when others don’t show the same enthusiasm for their work as you. Even if it isn’t your “real choice” of career, you carry yourself with quiet dignity and moral integrity. You don’t really take it well when others do a lackluster job. “If they can’t do it well, why are they here?” You ask yourself.

Hiding your feelings about it isn’t very successful either.  In fact, when you lose your cool, it won’t be a tiny will be huge and people had better duck.

The reason, is that you don’t generally get mad that often, you winge or vent privately with those you trust. Truly angering you is a rare event.  If someone somehow, does manage to step over your personal boundaries, you will savage them with the truths you have been holding in for an eternity.

Making you truly angry takes work to accomplish, therefore, when you do blow it will be emotionally driven and deeply personal to you. This kind of anger will most often be a question of someone overstepping your sense of integrity or one of your core beliefs.

Then, there is the issue of doing work you know isn’t fulfilling but, is necessary for survival. You will do your best always, but it exhausts you emotionally.

You experience things with an intensity that very few understand. You are always seeking the next cool thing to experience, and with Sun in 9th house you are like the most curious thing ever. If you aren’t lucky enough to be able to afford to travel frequently, you will be found head-buried into travel books, travel programs and probably a multitude of cross-cultural hobbies (such as foreign films, music and art).

You have to be careful not to let your enthusiasms go overboard. Dragging others along with you, because you want something, can make you come off as overbearing, when really you are just really, really, excited and want others to be excited too. This can be a bit like bullying because your drive to obtain what you want, has your Capricorn Sun undertone. Your will to have, can make you push too hard.  The good news is that your enthusiasm is incredibly infectious.

Your “take-on-the-world” approach gets people “on-board” with projects relatively easily. It helps that you react deeply embarrassed whenever you do belatedly realize your mistakes when confronted with frustrate faces where your once cheerful compatriots use to stand. If you freely admit fault, the honesty of your admission will go a long way towards being forgiven.

Others will come to understand, that you are, at the core of yourself, completely filled with a child-like wonder. Your view of the world is one of great awe and reverance. You aren’t faking it, you really, really are that excited by learning.

Your creativity and ingenuity is amazing and you have no inhibitions when it comes to constructimg something out of the ordinary. You consciously soak up the attention, not because you seek glorification, but because it fuels your forward momentum to do more and be more.

Negative traits:

You are a leaper. You tend to leap right off cliffs and move at breakneck speeds when you really, really, could have used a few extra moment’s to plan. If you don’t temper your enthusiasm with pauses to consider your path, you will find yourself looping back around often trying to correct or patch things, that could have been avoided with more consideration..sometimes even to the extent of destroying your plans altogether due to a vital missed step.

You can hurt people moving too fast and not seeing past the end of your nose. Watch your habit of criticizing when your mind is engaged too fully in a task and your mouth speaks before you think. Distraction is not a friend where your mouth is involved. Sometimes your emotions can get the better of you. Seeing only obstacles in your way, and not the well-meaning efforts of others can trip you up and fill you with regret and remorse afterwards.

You also have a tendency to overindulge in food which can lead to issues.

Your imagination is limitless and you feel most alive when you are actively chasing something because you love life and want to share that love with others.