Sex appeal quiz

I did a quiz that’s suppose to reveal what kind of sex appeal style you have. I had a friend recently dare me to fill out a sex questionnaire but, dude I blush just reading paranormal romance. This is as close as I’ll get to telling my secrets. I can’t talk about my personal bedroom..um..err..stuff. Let’s just say some people would be surprised and leave it at that (I admit nothing…but a few of my favorite fantasies include a kink or two..soo there!)

If she does manage to corner me..it’s gonna take lots of ice cream and convincing. (Yes, I am blushing like a 🍅) My 4 sisters have all been known to take great pleasure in making me cringe by telling me EVERYTHING I never wanted to know about their sex lives. Soo..that ice cream would HAVE to be really freaking good.




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