Astrology Notebook

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All interpretations are my own and definately not professional. My opinions are very subjective with regards to the person this chart is in reference to, therefore, it is best to not take my word as gospel with regards to my personal opinion on this chart and what the way this person may actually be in life.

Update: May 29, 2019

I’ve been thinking this over a lot, and decided that there is only one ethical way to post the natal notes for my favorite person and treat it with proper integrity.

To that end, I am going to only be posting links to my Astrology notebook page here instead of having them active on my main page. To do that, I will be burying them within my blog by back-dating them. I just figure that only those truly interested in Astrology should be reading this stuff, which might be considered quite intrusive if read by just anyone. My notes are truly just to help fellow learners. This is also the reason I don’t use his actual name so that it doesn’t come up in web searches. I will link the pages here as I complete them. It’s like walking a fine edge wanting to share the cool things I’ve learned about Astrology interactions and wanting to also show proper respect. This is the solution I came up with.

Sun Virgo in the 12th house

Cancer Moon in the 11th house

Mercury in the 12th house

Venus in the 11th house

Mars in the 11th house

Jupiter in the 9th house

Saturn in the 6th house

Uranus in the 12th house

Neptune in the 3rd house

Sun in Virgo
Moon in Cancer
Mercury in Virgo
Venus in Cancer (Cancer in love..sigh***)
Mars in Cancer
Jupiter in Taurus
Saturn in Pisces
Uranus in Virgo
Neptune in Scorpio
Pluto in Virgo
Lilith in Sagittarius
North Node in Gemini
POF in Cancer
Vertex in Aquarius
Chiron in Pisces
Ceres in Sagittarius
Vesta in Pisces
Juno in Scorpio
Pallas in Scorpio
MC Gemini
South Node in Sagittarius
Descendant in Pisces
Ascendant in  Virgo