• ***Update: July 2017***

Recently, decided to learn Synastry Astrology and decided to use my favorite (well-known) person as the other on my chart. Mostly, because I am slightly single, but also because he’s awesome and if you’re gonna use a fake person as your fictional mate for a Synastry chart, why not go for the awesome sauce and indulge the dorky, geeky, completely hidden fan-girl part of you that lies deep within your soul.

Anyway, links from that are at the very very bottom of the page.

January 12, 1974    02:54 Pm Conneaut, OH
Tropical Zodiac  –  Placidus Houses

Sun Opposite Moon (Binding Aspect)

Sun Opposite Venus (Deep Friendship)

Sun Opposite Mars (In Alignment)

Sun Trine Jupiter (Mutual Respect)

Sun Sextile Neptune (Mutual Understanding

Sun Sextile Chiron (Linkage of Trust)

(2nd link: Sun Sextile Chiron)

Sun Opposite Part of Fortune (Long-Term).

Sun Trine Ascendent (Magnetic)

Moon Sextile Moon (Harmonious)

Moon Sextile Venus (Harmonious)

Moon Sextile Mars (Compatibility)

Moon Trine Jupiter (Candid Communication)

Moon Sextile Neptune (Intuitive Understanding)

Moon Conjunct Pluto (Magnetic)

Moon Opposite Chiron (Shadow Work)

Moon Conjunct Ascendent (Emotional Connection)

Moon Square Midheaven (Challenging Aspect)

Mercury Opposite Venus (Competitive)

Mercury Trine Jupiter (Strong Bond Friendship)

Venus Quincunx Sun (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Venus Quincunx Uranus (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Venus Square Neptune (Challenging Aspect)    (Amazingly helped by Saturn this aspect is softened by Saturns influence)

Venus Quincunx Ascendent (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Venus Trine Midheaven (Harmonious) (Soul mate Aspect)

My Venus in Trine to his MC indicates a more quiet support. This can indicate a muse scenario between the two. The Venus causing the MC to become inspired by their active support and belief in them.

Mars Trine Sun (Compatibility)

Mars Trine Mercury (Stimulating)

Mars Trine Uranus (Desire for Change, Adventurous)

Jupiter Quincunx Sun (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Jupiter Quincunx Moon (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Jupiter Quincunx Mars (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Jupiter Square Neptune (Differing Spiritual Viewpoints)

Jupiter Quincunx Pluto (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Jupiter Quincunx Ascendent (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Jupiter Trine Midheaven (Emotional Support)

Jupiter Trine MC (another planet interaction that creates a kind of. Super Trine. Jupiter person strives to make the MC look good and succeed.

Saturn Trine Saturn (Respectful Admiration) (Karmic Indicator)

Uranus Square Venus (Soulmate Aspect)

Uranus Square Mars (Adventurous but Challenging Aspect)

Uranus Quincunx Jupiter (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Uranus Trine Saturn (Grounding Aspect)

Uranus Sextile Lilith (Magnetic)

Uranus Trine North Node (Beneficial Connections)

Neptune Square Sun (Leap of Faith)

Neptune Quincunx Moon (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Neptune Square Mercury (Differing Viewpoints)

Neptune Square Uranus (Leap of Faith) (Psychic Aspect)

Neptune Square Pluto (Psychic)

Neptune Opposite Midheaven (Intuitive Aspect)

Pluto Quincunx Saturn (Minor Challenging Aspect) (Karmic Indicator)

Chiron Quincunx Sun (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Chiron Square Moon (Major Healing Aspect)

Chiron Square Mars (Major Healing Aspect)

Chiron Quincunx Neptune (Minor Challenging Healing Aspect)

Chiron Quincunx Pluto (Minor Challenging Healing Aspect) (Karmic Indicator)

Chiron Quincunx Ascendent (Minor Challenging Healing Aspect)

Chiron Sextile Midheaven (Kundalini Indicator)

Lilith Opposite Moon (Wild Energy)

Lilith Sextile Neptune (Wild Energy)

Lilith Trine Pluto (Wild Energy)

Lilith Sextile Chiron (Wild Energy)

Lilith Trine Ascendent (Wild Energy)

Lilith Quincunx Midheaven (Minor Wild Challenging Energy)

North Node Quincunx Jupiter (Minor area of weakness)

North Node Sextile Saturn (Mutual Responsibility)

North Node Conjunct Lilith (Wild Energy)

North Node Opposite North Node (Differing Experiences)

Vertex Trine Saturn (Highly Personal Connection)

“Saturn- Vertex/Anti-Vertex: The Saturn person acts as a stabilizing force in the Vertex person’s life. The Saturn person may be somewhat of a “fatherly” type to the Vertex person, offering practical advice and guidance. Saturn represents “karma,” while the Vertex represents “fate,” so the relationship is likely to have a highly significant effect on the both of them. The feeling of responsibility and commitment to the Saturn person is high, and it will be hard for the couple to separate because of this.”



Vertex in Scorpio: Mine.
Vertex in Aquarius: His.

Ascendent Square Sun (Challenging Aspect)

Ascendent Square Mercury (Differing Experiences)

Ascendent Square Uranus (Differing Experiences)

Midheaven Quincunx Sun (Minor Challenging Aspect)

Midheaven Conjunct Vertex (Destiny’s Gate) 

Planets in conjunction or opposition to another’s Vertex: The Vertex acts like a second Ascendant, while the anti-Vertex is like a second Descendant. The Vertex is often referred to as our “point of fate.” As a result, when someone’s planet or point conjuncts your Vertex or anti-Vertex, you feel drawn towards this person. The relationship feels fated, and can indeed change your life. You feel destined to be together, and this feeling can easily last a lifetime.

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