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Recently, decided to learn Synastry Astrology and decided to use my favorite (well-known) person as the other on my chart. Mostly, because I am slightly single, but also because he’s awesome and if you’re gonna use a fake person as your fictional mate for a Synastry chart, why not go for the awesome sauce and indulge the dorky, geeky, completely hidden fan-girl part of you that lies deep within your soul.

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January 12, 1974    02:54 Pm Conneaut, OH
Tropical Zodiac  –  Placidus Houses
Sun in Capricorn
Capricorn is, above all, determined. Persistence is your creed and you are happiest when in control or managing something practical. The Sun placed here must create a personal distinction by fulfilling the obligations and conditions necessary for a solid and significant achievement. It has to be enduring. Disciplined and ambitious, you take life seriously. You are far-sighted and purposeful, and don’t mind denying yourself a few comforts while you work toward the goal of Success. Having a sense of structure is very important, for you recognise that only through careful planning can we manifest our aims. Capricorn is the business head of the zodiac, and the very opposite of emotional Cancer. Given to clear ambition, practical insight and vision, Capricorn always takes a distanced perspective and a cool appraisal. Deliberate and painstaking, sometimes to the point of austerity, Capricorn loves work and the hard-earned results. Status and material reward are very important.
Sun Trine Moon
Able to grow and progress throughout life without major emotional difficulties. Yin (female) and yang (male) energy flows easily. Resources are at hand, as are the necessary instruction on how to use them. There is an inner sincerity and naturalness that does not resist life, but looks for the truth of life as it is. A special gift for spanning generation gaps; bringing older and younger spirits together. Easily gains the respect of others.
Sun Conjunct Mercury
Mentally active. Intellectual expression comes easily, but is often restless and lacking patience because the mind operates so quickly. Ablility to excel in speaking, writing and all types of communication, but can lack objectivity. Witty and humorous with a dramatic mind, will benefit by being in a teaching or lecturing occupation. Mind wants to capture as much new information as possible, so travel when you can.
Sun Square Uranus
Unconventional, independent and drawn to whatever is different and original in life. Hates being tied down with the drudgery of routine, preferring instead to keep options open. Gets involved in causes that go against tradition, revolutions of one kind or another – social or political. Men in particular are eccentric or nonconformist. Computers, electronics and everything ‘new-wave’ appeals.
Sun Semisquare Neptune
Dreams and visions are reality. High ideals and an ability to enchant with words and images. There is concern with the true mysteries of existence. Lives with no boundaries between the self and the environment. At home in the ‘transcendental’ realm; the most crucial experiences of life happen internally in the form of deeply sensitive perceptions. There is also a great affinity for music and poetry.
Moon in Virgo
You are concerned and caring when it comes to the welfare of others. Not dynamic or too emotional, you are attentive, observant, rational, and above all efficient. But look out for becoming hypercritical and ‘nit picking’. You are able to make the connections necessary for things to happen in your environment by applying your skills and know-how. A true do-it-yourselfer, you are happiest when you can feel useful, helpful, or are busy facilitating and perfecting some project.
Moon Trine Mercury
Good mental dexterity and emotions color the thought processes. Ideas and images connect easily with popular trends and concensus feelings. Good memory, intellectual perceptivity and flexibility. Understands and performs well with younger people, knows what it takes to create a supportive environment and to communicate effectively, so makes a natural teacher.
Moon Sesquiquadrate Venus
Discriminating, sensual and kind. There is great concern with beauty and comfort, especially in and around the home. An optimistic and charming nature; this is a very favourable feminine combination. Lives for loving relationships and pleasant memories. Excels in the aesthetic talents. Voluptuousness and eroticism are implied.
Moon Sesquiquadrate Mars
Energized emotions. Can be a real moving force in the lives of others. A natural group leader or trainer; vitality and drive are communicated to all in close contact, especially the young. Emotional enthusiasm is strong. Puts a lot of energy and effort into surroundings and the domestic environment, but home life may also be plagued with quarrels. Moral courage.
Mercury in Capricorn
You have a very clear and analytical mind and are able to grasp ideas and put them to work at once. You have good management and supervisory ability. You use cold reason, are not much moved by emotions, and are always pragmatic. You prefer concrete subjects to “grand ideas” and flights of fancy. Manipulative too
Mercury Square Uranus
You do a lot to fulfill the popular stereotype of the “genius,” so obviously brilliant are some of the things you think and say. You have such an outpouring of insights that having a conversation with you can be a real experience. Your mind works like lightning. Words and thoughts sort of shoot out, illuminating whatever subject is at hand. You really do have very different ideas and ways of expressing them. There may also be a sustained interest in communication, computers, electronics, and all that is electrical.
Mercury Semisquare Neptune
You have more than just the gift of gab. Your words and ideas can transport and enchant listeners, carrying them beyond the world as they know it into the world as they wish it could be. Your imagination and sense of what connects all of life is felt in your speech and in the way you communicate. You love a good story, and a sense of the mystical pervades every one you tell. You are at home in the world of myths and dreams, for your mind soars on wings of the imaginatio
Venus in Aquarius
Marriage for convention’s sake is your motto, and Venus here often prefers affection to be expressed in words. A friend’s friend, you love what is fair and democratic, and are happiest when you can spread your affection among peers. Venus in Aquarius tends toward detachment, and avoids involvements which might curtail independence. You love to work for a great cause or purpose, and toward making the world a better place
Venus Square Mars
You enjoy life yourself and value gusto and enthusiasm in those around you. Feelings are something you express with ease, and you appreciate others doing the same. Emotional drama is valued rather than avoided. Your appetite for action is probably well known, and well noted. Sports, outdoor activities, and everything physical are high on your list of favorites. Sex is, no doubt, also important.
Venus Sextile Neptune
You have the gift of working with others, helping them to sense and feel the unity of life. Your love of the spiritual and the eternal is clear to all who meet you. You love to solve the problems of the world, at least in words and images, and when you tell it, all are enchanted. Dreams and images are your stock and trade.
Venus Trine Pluto
You are very skilled at working with psychology, and the hidden recesses of the mind are, to you, no secret. You would make an excellent psychologist and teacher of this subject. These same skills make it possible for you to work with the public, in politics or wherever handling sensitive or “hot” issues is routine. You value change and transformation and have an almost reckless faith in the life process. You love to be touched at the most personal and vulnerable levels
Mars in Taurus
You have great staying power, a drive for security and stability, and can withstand almost anything. You are very dependable, somewhat emotional but stable. You have a natural need to build solid foundations. You are stubborn, but patient and slow to anger. But once angered, watch out!
Jupiter in Aquarius
A true progressive, especially in community or group work, you are democratic to the point of being radical. You are cool and impersonal when it comes to being fair or just, with a great interest in new trends and world affairs. Application-minded, luck comes to you through planning and being future-oriented
Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Saturn
You are very “bearish” when it comes to security and seldom make a move that does not strengthen your position. You pursue responsibilities the way others pursue pleasure, and you even invite obligations. Career moves are always solid, based on sound pr inciples, and may be tied in with the law or authorities — all that is solid and well-reasoned. You don’t invest in anything that is not tried and tested. Truth, religion, and philosophy are subjects of great interest
Saturn in Gemini
You tend to avoid superficiality, hating small talk and communication in general. You may have difficulty making connections and linking up with others. You need to learn how to investigate, search out answers and explore possibilities. Basic communication skills are required
Saturn Trine Uranus
You are very skilled at implementing change and improving existing circumstances. You seek to understand and improve situations, finding new but secure ways to better conditions. Inventions and discoveries, in particular in communications, computers, and electronics, may be possible. You bring order and organization to areas where new development is taking place, also emergency situations. You can teach and help others to understand this as wel
Uranus in Libra
You can find new ways to relate and may be innovative in marriage and social conventions. Very tolerant and accepting of differences, you have good insights into all social values. Independent. You like to facilitate, compromise, and otherwise show your breadth of scope — like a coat of many colors.
Neptune in Sagittarius
Idealism is an innate talent, and you are in love with grand gestures and long thoughts. Religion, politics and philosophy are natural interest. The world traveler, you enjoy fair, just, frank and broad-minded persons. You are gregarious and sports-minded. You dare to dream big. You like new philosophies and long novels
Neptune Sextile Pluto
You work with real imagination and understanding in areas of the mind that are the most personal or private — depth psychology. You are like a midwife of the spirit, assisting at the birth of each individual going through a spiritual or re-birth process. You accept the natural process of birth, spiritual and physical, and have dedicated yourself to helping it along. You would make a great teacher in these area
Pluto in Libra
Change and inner growth tend to come through relationships, both friends and lovers. Marriage or union (yoga) will be very intense and not at all superficial. You get to the heart of a relationship each and every time.
Gemini on the 1st House Cusp
Gemini is concerned with connections, communication and logic — voice, thoughts, writing, and rational mental processes in general. It is also concerned with making comparisons, ‘twins’ and duplications of all kinds. Gemini is the communicator, the gossip of the zodiac, the collector of trivia. Gemini energy is unattached, independent, very inquisitive and changable
Saturn in the 1st House
You have a serious personal manner and can come across to others as cool and reserved. Generally, you don’t speak or act without good reason or intention. Naturally prudent and careful, with good self-control and self-discipline, you have the power to achieve positions of prominence and responsibility in life through sheer hard work and perseverance. At times, you can be too serious and given to bouts of discontentment and gloominess. You tend not to suffer fools easily, and are quite conservative when it comes to your personal appearance and communications with others; you are impartial and don’t play favorites or get overly personal.
Cancer on the 2nd House Cusp
Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, always making a home, protecting and providing a foundation for others. A sensitive sign where feelings and real experience count more than cold logic, it doesn’t get any more physical and emotional than this. Cancer energy is always nurturing, sensitive, tender and moody. It feeds on emotional comforts, and often has a strong attachment to the past and ancestry
Cancer on the 3rd House Cusp
Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, always making a home, protecting and providing a foundation for others. A sensitive sign where feelings and real experience count more than cold logic, it doesn’t get any more physical and emotional than this. Cancer energy is always nurturing, sensitive, tender and moody. It feeds on emotional comforts, and often has a strong attachment to the past and ancestry
Leo on the 4th House Cusp
Leo energy is expressive, vital and exuberant. Often very artistic, and always theatrical and dramatic, this is the sign of creativity and the arts. Warm and big-hearted, Leo lives in full appreciation and celebration of the finer elements of life, bringing a dynamism and enthusiasm to everything it touches. This is the fearless ‘becoming’ stage, where things are done for their own sake, playfully and with pleasure
Virgo on the 5th House Cusp
Virgo energy is analytical and precise, always separating out what is worthwhile and worth supporting from that which is outmoded and of no further use. A mental earth sign, here the mind takes control over matter. This is the sign of ‘ways and means’, implementation, instrumentation, physical effectiveness and efficiency. Virgo energy is always facilitating, often caring more for others than for itsel
Moon in the 5th House
You are a born romantic in constant search for the ideal in love. You can be very charming, imaginative and instinctively creative. The arts could play an important role in your life and you have an appreciation of artistic mediums such as drama, cinema, dance, music and poetry. You also know how to amuse yourself and will probably enjoy an active and varied social life. You may be attracted to working in the entertainment industry or child care.
Pluto in the 5th House
You have a strong need to love and to be loved, which can verge on the obsessive. You are either extremely passionate in love, or cool and chaste; either dominating or dominated. Power games may also feature prominently in your love life. In regard to children, you may encounter difficulties with procreation or pregnancy, and as a parent, you tend to be over anxious and over-protective toward youngsters. You have a natural instinct to take risks or gamble, and have a talent for making extreme gains or losses through speculation.
Libra on the 6th House Cusp
Libra energy is always responsive and conciliating, assuming the appropriate reaction or delicately-weighted strategic response to any question or statement. What is sometimes seen as two-faced is only Libra’s facility at responding to each in kind, giving both sides equal consideration. This is certainly the social sign, par excellence. Impersonal and impartial, this sign doles out only what is demanded – nothing overdone, but nothing neglected
Uranus in the 6th House
You do not like to be tied down to strict routines in your work, and will look for employment in fields that offer a fair amount of change and variety. You also tend not to conform easily to the authority of others, and demand a large measure of autonomy. You are well suited to work that incorporates modern methods and up-to-date technology. With regard to matters of health, you tend to be attracted to non-traditional or alternative healing techniques.
Sagittarius on the 7th House Cusp
Sagittarius is nothing if not direct, candid, and to the point, for this sign is always concerned with the absolute truth of the subject at hand. Associated with philosophy, outreach and all things boundless, Sagittarian energy is always welcome in politics as well as social and community endeavors where its basic fairness and expansiveness is helpful
Neptune in the 7th House
You tend to have an idealistic attitude in relationships, and can expect too much of others or partners, which can lead to disappointments or let downs. Difficulties may be experienced in relationships through misunderstandings or poorly defined individual boundaries. Deception can be a factor in the breakdown of unions. For you, an ideal partner is someone who understands and respects your need for spiritual connections between one another.
Capricorn on the 8th House Cusp
Capricorn is the business head of the zodiac, for it is the very opposite of the emotional Cancer. Given to clear ambition and practical insight and vision, this sign always takes a distanced perspective and a cool appraisal. Deliberate and painstaking, sometimes to the point of austerity, Capricorn loves work and the hard-earned results. Status and material reward are very important
Capricorn on the 9th House Cusp
Capricorn is the business head of the zodiac, for it is the very opposite of the emotional Cancer. Given to clear ambition and practical insight and vision, this sign always takes a distanced perspective and a cool appraisal. Deliberate and painstaking, sometimes to the point of austerity, Capricorn loves work and the hard-earned results. Status and material reward are very important
Sun in the 9th House
You will most likely have strong overseas connections, travel a great deal or live abroad at some point. You have a strong interest in higher education, philosophy, spiritual matters and learning experiences. You are a seeker of truth and wisdom and can be given to sudden insights and inspirations. You tend to have strong beliefs and opinions, but can come across to others as ardent, strident and perhaps a bit preachy.
Mercury in the 9th House
You are interested in higher knowledge, philosophy and spiritual matters. You are motivated to broaden your horizons and intellectual understanding, and can achieve this through further education and foreign travel. You are the perennial student and the potential scholar. Professionally, you may have talents in law, ecclesiastical study, historical research, anthropology, publishing and teaching.
Venus in the 9th House
In love, you may be attracted to someone whose background or culture is vastly different to your own. Romantic experiences can also occur during travel, and intimate and social contacts can be made in connection with higher learning, philosophical or spiritual environments. You have an appreciation for the art of different cultures and possibly even enjoy religious art and music.
Aquarius on the 10th House Cusp
Aquarius, the sign of humanitarian goals and altruism. Always impartial and nonsectarian, Aquarian energy is communal (even global). The focus is on the goal, and the goal is always one that is for the many and not the few. Thus this sign is connected to far-seeing visions, world views and group work of all kinds. This sign tends towards coolness, independence
Jupiter in the 10th House
You have professional ambition and could rise to a prominent position in life, and attain a measure of public recognition. You are well suited to managerial roles and public life, as you have a strong sense of justice, and other people tend to look up to you and trust your decisions. You receive favors from superiors, or from those who are able to assist your career advancement. One or two words of warning though, you need to guard against arrogance or the abuse of power, as these could lead to a fall from grace. It is natural for you to put your practical and managerial abilities to work, and you could make a career out of your keen organizational skills and clear insight – taking charge is your trademark.
Pisces on the 11th House Cusp
Pisces energy runs deep and toward the mystical — whatever transcends the everyday world. This sign is understanding, patient and compassionate. Super-sensitive, it tends to absorb it’s surroundings like a sponge. The sign is very trusting, accepting and giving of itself for the sake of more important issues. It loves free-ranging activities which allow for some imaginative scope
Aries on the 12th House Cusp
Aries is the sign of pioneers, leaders and ‘firsts’. It is impulsive, assertive and spontaneous. It tends to act first, only thinking about what it may have done later. Rushing in where others fear to tread, Aries energy is attention-getting and always provokes a response from the surroundings and from others. It takes decisive action and loves self-reliance
Mars in the 12th House
You can be a champion for the underdog and may actively attempt to assist those who cannot help themselves. In general, you are not driven by the desire for recognition; instead you achieve a lot by working behind the scenes. You can work well, or possibly hold administrative positions, within large charitable institutions. At times, you may find that your intentions are not realizable due to a lack of energy or the urge to escape from restrictive or limiting circumstances, in which case, you move on to doing something else, which is usually more worthy of your effort

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