Fear isn’t a good enough reason

Fear isn’t a good enough reason.
It isn’t an excuse.

It’s a challenge, a roadblock,
a testing of your soul.

If the only thing holding you back
is fear,
you owe yourself the chance
to overcome it.

To defiantly stand your ground
and give yourself that moment,
that proof.
That you are more than mortal.
More than regret.

You are value, you are worth.
You are strength and pride.

Give everything you have.

No man ever gained true happiness,
without first facing his fear.

Knock fear on his ass!


Adventures in Bekki-ing

I totally just made my name into a verb dude! 😝

Here are some photos of what decorates my lavish basement apartment (lavish is being slightly optimistic…er….really, really optimistic!)

1st up. A photo Kazza sent me..she calls it “Bekki-not-blue”. To be honest I didn’t quite know what to do with a photo of myself. I put it on my bookshelf so she can read secretly when I’m unaware of it.

The meditation nook of happy spiritual messiness and extreme enthusiasm. I mash-up religions and cultures with great abandon. It’s me really.

The bookcase. My book and stuffies collection isn’t huge but, it makes me smile.

And lastly, the wall. The left is for lost loved ones. The right is so I don’t forget to find joy in every moment.

I 💗 Monsters

I just realized why I love the artists and creators on Instagram so much.

It’s because you can talk to them, see inside their passion, and watch the creation of these pieces and parts of themselves that go on to belong to someone else.

I love that I can buy something I watched being made on my feed. It’s just wonderful! (maybe not so great for my pocketbook but that’s a small price for seeing awesome things come to life)

My newest favorite thing to watch being made, are these cool monster dolls by iheartmonsters.rocks.

The artist can even take a child-hood drawing and make it into a reality (I have a drawing of Z’s I just might be hooking her up with down the line soon).

I have taken to giving her monsters captions in my head (and sometimes in comments) and the current one is just stealing my heart. This is him here:

His caption is: “Don’t be mad. I’ll be good…ish”

I think I want to name him Lil Kooki (Lucifer and the God Loki out for a spin)


If you want to check her out you can find her on Instagram: ilovemonsters.rocks or her Etsy shop: Iheartmonstersrocks