1000 Challenges

Learn Sign Language

Read an entire Encyclopedia collection

Star Wars Movie Marathon

Indiana Jones Movie Marathon

Own an entire K Drama DVD collection

Collect 365 Unique Humor T-shirts

Learn to write and read in Braille

Bake an entire cookbook of desserts over time…catalog the experience.

Head a charity drive successfully.

Adopt a Greyhound

Travel to Asia

Machu Picchu

Learn about artifacts from Chile

Learn to make Stained Glass

Throw pottery on a wheel and make a vase.

Study cultures from around the world.

Write a novel

****Record a song in a studio****Done

****Dye my hair red****Done

****Take college courses****Done

Publish my poetry

Attend the floating lantern ceremony in Hawaii

Visit a black sand beach

Have a legit picnic

Walk behind a waterfall

Dance in the rain

Go to Greece

Go to California

Take a cruise

Walk through the Wisteria flower tunnel in Japan

Write something in wet cement

Dart a map, go where it landed

See a broadway musical

***Write a fan letter to my favorite person, post it publicly. ***DONE

Send a message in a bottle

Visit the biggest library in the world.

Visit Italy

 Read my poetry out loud to others

Own a piece of art

Own my very own piece of Art Nouveau jewelry

Visit a trampoline park

Learn to say I love you in 20 languages.

Learn to Please and Thank you in 20 languages

Visit Ireland

See the pyramids

Go on a stargazing date

Have a water balloon fight

Post a note on the front door next to a variety of water pistols, instructing loved one to “Choose your weapon, then come find me”

Place a flower lei unexpectedly around someone’s neck, tell them you heard they needed to get laid. :b

See the fairy pools in Scotland

Eat Pizza in Italy

Spend the night at the aquarium

Let go of a floating lantern in Thailand

Drink from a coconut

Attend or throw a masquerade ball

Watch baby sea turtles enter the ocean.

Cross-stitch the “Be Excellent to Each Other” slogan and mail it to Keanu Reeves. (Sassy)

Visit Australia

Go to a midnight movie premiere

Experience Christmas in NYC

Get a tiny tattoo

Donate plasma

Sleep on a trampoline

Visit the glow worm caves in New Zealand

Make an “Open when” letter bundle for someone special.

Go to Fiji

Camp somewhere with no electricity.

Buy my first car.

Learn to ride a motorcycle.

Get my book published.