Don’t Stop

Don’t give up.

It may look like a wall

But, walls can be climbed.

It may look like an ocean

But, you know how to swim.

It may have big teeth, dark eyes

But, it’s just an opportunity

in disguise.

Go under, over, through

But, no matter what you do

Don’t give up.



Did you think it would be as easy as you planned?

Tell me when to smile, when to stand.

Generously allowing that I had my own mind.

Acting uncommonly gracious, and copiously refined.

Whilst pulling my strings (clasped in a hidden fist) soo tightly

I could only sit on the edge of my chair, soo lightly.

Belief is a begger, longing for validation.

Your sense of morality, shipped off on vacation.

I dangled off your arm like something dead.

Forced by fate to follow wherever you lead.

Always afraid I’d be left on the ground.

Crumpled and broken, never again to be found.

So, I stayed and did all that you bid.

Until spotting a bit of salvation, I then cleverly hid.

These scissors set me free.

Now I walk away, for me.


(This one isn’t finished yet. Gotta go to work. Got the idea from an idea in my head. Still thinking it over.)

Be a flame

Windswept concerns pass me by, taking my idealism for a spin.
The latest lumbering concern stays attentive to my every procrastination, lest we be forgetting that we have weight tied to our ankles, the ledges will remind us by tossing us random objects to catch before they fall to the street below.

When do I get to make wishes that feel like grace?
Do they come wrapped differently to the ones that are doomed to falter like klutzy ambition?
Can you tell the good ones from the ones that lead into brick walls?

I long for chocolate eyes that know secrets but fear too much the speaking.
Afraid to be wrong, or appear strange for this twin emotion. Losing for lack of leaping.