Current song obsession

I can’t stop listening to this song. The music and word combination hit me right in the heart. Soo soo beautiful. The singers voice is too lovely for words.


Sometimes I feel like I was brought into this world at the wrong time. I have such a burning passion for words.

My poetry is soo much a part of my soul that, sometimes, it feels physically painful looking at my work that I’ve developed into this beautiful art, and knowing that it’s not being seen as much as it could be.

I feel a responsibility to this beautiful thing I have created. I want to see it, and myself, reach its potential.

It’s not about money, or fame, or anything. It’s about showing people a part of my soul which is speaking to them, attempting to connect. To find someone’s soul and sit with it awhile, knowing my work found its proper place inside them. Lending people my heart when theirs hasn’t the proper words to express them. Letting my words speak on their behalf and give them much needed clarity and comfort.

I’ve been writing my poetry since I was 13. I think it carries with it a unique voice.

I really dream of one day hearing one of my poems being recited out of someone else’s lips. What a beautiful moment that would be. For me, that moment would be all the validation I have ever sought in this life, that my life struggles have meaning. That I have accomplished my life’s purpose, which, is to share words and feelings with those who might have needed them.

We only get 100 years, if we are lucky. I want mine to be spent leaving behind all the love that flows from inside me. My legacy is my soul bared so that humanity knows it is not forsaken. That even if I haven’t met them in my lifetime, that their life matters, and they matter to me. My words tell them so unequivocally.

I see you

In the Avatar movie they say “I see you” when they say someone’s name in greeting. It’s an amazing idea. It acknowledges not only that the other person has arrived, but goes on to validate them and shows awareness of their struggle, their presence, their existence. There is nothing I would love more than to see this greeting in our emerging society. To look at someone and say ” I acknowledge that you are equal to me. That your life matters. That you exist in my gaze.” simply by saying ” I see you.” I want to make this a real thing soo bad it hurts.

I have tried this before with people randomly and…it’s amazing the reactions you get. Only a few are confused..the rest are too busy tearing up because they felt invisible and unacknowledged. They literally expect to be ignored. Gratitude is the most common reaction. It’s terribly moving and fills me with its quiet beauty. Such a simple thing love, but we dole it out like it’s a rarity..when the truth is, love has a massive return on its investment. Truly I grow richer each time I show love.
Dignity, integrity, and simple acceptance. These are my favorite traits.

The people in my life are my mana. Their presence in my life has taught me love, and loving. “I see you”

#iseeyou #validationnation #lovewithoutlimits #fightwithyourheartnotyourfists #youareequaltome #youexistinmygaze. #yourlifematters