A conversation with my brain.

This is what my mind is like on the inside where it is safely kept under close examination for the safety of others. Please proceed with caution:

Me: I like Iced tea.
Brain: Your English friends think cold tea is an abomination perpetuated by the insane and slightly cracked Americans.

Me: They would…Hot Tea drinkers are such wimps. They have not lived if they have never felt their teeth cringe from too much sweet in their sweet tea.

Brain: They shutter when they hear you refer to Iced Tea..and the idea of adding flavors, like Raspberry, would make them freak out and hide in the bathroom from the horror of such unevolved tastebuds.

Me: Hah!! Wimps!

Brain: They might just remind you that their brains (which they take regularly to the theatre and symphony) are much more evolved then your brain..which, let’s be honest, is not being used to capacity. I mean..we really need to talk about your lack of fashion sense. I mean, I am more than happy to delete the entire compilation of memories of every single Muppet show in existence if you would just…

Me: Freeze you little pink freak!! Don’t you touch one single Muppet!

Brain: ooookkkaayy. (Sigh) I cannot work like this. I mean who devotes an entire synapse branch to song lyrics from the 80’s? At least let me insert some more Shakespeare in there to balance out the bubble-gum pop.

Me: Nope..nah-ah..nothin doin. I need those.

Brain: Sigh* I want to trade places with someone else’s brain..I asked Anne’s brain but it just sniffed in disgust and refused.

Me: Traitor.


Thinking out loud

My scary thought of the day, goes like this: Though, we have unique, beautiful, and exceptional qualities that one could argue as humans, makes us special, the cold hard fact remains that, if considered strictly on the basis of an experimental race, humans would be considered a failure.

We harm our own people. We harm our own planet and our own creatures. We continually fail to learn from our own history, and some, in fact, deny that some history or facts ever actually happened, even with documentation and personal testimonies to the validity of these happenings.

We have failed to eradicate abusive behaviours that harm. A large portion of our species murder, rape, and molest the weaker members of their own race and humanity actually encounters mixed reactions to these behaviours. In fact, a large structure is in place, within our culture, that facilitates and supports these actions resulting in a culture of accepted abuse referred by many as a “rape culture”. The fact that this term even exists is evidence of failure to empathize and protect one another.

We also seek out destructive behaviours and habits that serve no purpose excepting self medicating and avoidance of truths we cannot accept and seek to distract ourselves from.

And yet, despite many failures, human beings continue to try. Continue to fight, to struggle, to find the path to a better world, to a better them. I believe, that humanity’s continued existence can be attributed to a few key words that must not be eradicated from our civilization, if we are to survive our own infancy. A few of those words include: Hope, faith, love, respect, acceptance and compassion.

As people we must embrace and encourage these words to blossom and grow deeper roots within us. We are only a failed experiment if we stop trying to be more than we are right now.
This is why the world is struggling right now. Our people are fighting very, very hard to change the habits of an entire civilization that is going down the wrong path. Our people are trying to fix the path before it’s no longer possible to save ourselves. If you want to know why pain exists…think on this. Pain is based on protection. It exists to alert us something is wrong.

Home sick today


The view here sucks, but the chai tea is good. Shay gave me an orange.
1. I am unapologetic about my current Instagram scan-a-thon. 2. I have seriously lost the will to move beyond my bed.
3. Rediscovered why I have soo many pillows.
4. Searching for picture of favorite person on Instagram. (I’m sick cut me some slack.)
5. Hot flashes are really really annoying. I must be the only sick person with her fan on but turned away.
6. Does this shit count as “Notes to self”?
7 Yes, the poem was for you. Your tarot reading was…um…dude, stop worrying. Your guides got this.

8. I need to eat that orange soon. (Currently inner giggling at realization that I’m about to eat a poets worst nightmare. Rotfl)
9. My Chai tea smells soo good. Too bad Ima gonna drink the scent away.
10. I got a postcard from Anne in the UK. (Smiles)

Ps. I found a good one. MW5T, I like this one.



Unexpected gifts


My heart just exploded. Loading the game Toonblast to play for the first time and this load screen came up and startled me soo soo completely that I didn’t manage to screen capture the image in time. I kept playing and, happily, it came up again. This image totally made my day. You see, “Wally” Wolf was my father’s name, and he died in an accident in 2004. It makes me feel slightly giddy knowing my fathers name is living on in some small way. The funniest part, is that the character even looks a bit like him. My angels must be working overtime. First that treasured coke label and now this. I wonder if I could cross-stitch it.

Today’s Meditation:


img_20190109_153956_488 (Photo Credit:@desiboy009)

Today’s meditation:
I’m a poet. This path is my chosen path. I use my words to help heal and awaken. I use my words to lead and instruct. I use my senses to grow stronger and more open to growth. I use my wisdom and experiences to empathize and connect with others. I seek to understand and to recognize areas of myself and my world that need change. I seek to see outside myself to the bigger picture. I seek within myself, so as to connect to the lessons that allow insight and understanding of things that I would not understand if I had not encountered suffering. My own suffering teaches me. I will not fear my lessons, my shadows, my past. These things strengthen me and show me the truths I must not hide from.

I am a poet. This is me. This is why I exist.

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