Favorite file

I like putting myself in a box. I mention this because my favorite person I have never met (Anu-san) hates that stuff. He prefers to have open options, and I totally get that and support it.

For me, however, labeling my likes makes me feel secure. It’s probably a Cappi thing. Like, if the entire world imploded, I would save everyone with my super organized backpack filled with properly packed pens, safety pins, and sunblock. I like knowing I am prepared and sporting the best possible products for optimum Bekki happiness..or something something (mumble mumble). There is also the fact that I had nothing solid in my childhood and probably list stuff as a means of manufacturing stability (if you wanna go Psychology on the thing)

The best part of knowing what my favorites are is the joy I get to have by deliberately selecting something outside my comfort zone once in a while giving me an edgy ” Look at adventurous me” vibe I didn’t truly earn. (Or, you know, freaking myself out)

Favorite Files: #1
Favorite Files #2

Favorite File:

Current favorite Group: Brown-Eyed Soul

Favorite Flower: Daisy or Sunflowers

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Holiday: Christmas followed extremely closely by Halloween. Childhood memories rock!

Favorite girls name: Zinnia

Favorite boys name: Henry or Seth (Also partial to Zenarius, which isn’t really a real name but makes me smiley because It means I get to use the word Zen as a name)

Favorite place to visit State-side: (3-way tie) California, New Mexico, and Dallas.

Favorite place to visit Internationally: England

Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Poem: Hope (is the thing with feathers) by Emily Dickinson

Ice Cream flavor: Mint Choco-chip

Favorite cookie: Chocolate chip

Favorite color: Blue sliding into purple