Asking for a friend


Um…small question. Why would someone who hasn’t taken the time to actually learn CPR enough to not need an instructional blanket take the time to HAVE an instructional blanket on hand? Asking for a friend. Also, what if the friend who needs help falls onto the helpful blanket into the wrong position…how does one go about moving their butt over soo we can properly read the text stuff without making people watching all judgy with their “What are you doings?” and “You shouldn’t be moving the injured person!” comments (which are sooo not helpful by the way…Rodney!) #askingforafriend #smalldesignflaw


Burn baby, burn!

If you falter, you fail.
Life’s a forked tongue and kinked tail.
A little less lipstick, a little more bite.
If you piss off people, you’d best damned be right.

Wiggle into tight spaces, leave breadcrumbs behind
So the next generation
has a trail they can find
(before blazing their own)

May they all feel the heat from your furious flame.
You can’t burn their asses, if you don’t get in the game.

Family roster

Someone asked me to breakdown tbe connections of the people I mention in my posts all the time. (Apparently they are confused by the plethora of names. Sorry bout that!)

Shay (Shannon) Step-sister that I live with. Her mum married my dad when we were both in high school. Since we were the only two still in school (or living with my dad) we are very close.

Josh: Nephew. In his 20’s. He’s just moved to Ohio with a very promising (and excellent-paying) job. I miss his cooking already.

Adam: Nephew. Junior in high school this new year. Vegetarian.

Rich: Shay’s husband. (We don’t always get on so well) Works out of state.

Loki: Pomeranian. Eldest. Black. Walks on 3 legs (with a lame 4th leg from accident as a puppy. Does quite well despite this.)

Jiminy: Pomeranian. Puppy. Cream colored. Not potty trained yet. (Much to Shay’s dismay) Extremely naughty and hyper.

There. All done.