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Sai Kai Onwei

(Today’s writing brought to you by “Bekki is bored and this is what happened”)


Kai lay absolutely still. He was utterly terrified, which, for an assassin trained to kill without even a flicker of remorse, was saying something.

They’d altered his body to make him the deadliest of weapons. He’d endured the kind of torturous pain one expected from the enemy, not his own people, all to make him one of the most feared manifestations in the known universe. Even his own people feared him, and they were the ones that made him this way in the first place.

They’d altered his DNA, his outer structure practically impervious to anything in the known universe, including fire bullets, laze-bombs and plasma spitters. They’d made him menacing. Scars from his operations left visible, his skin marked with silver symbols that enabled him to shift and activate the spell-runes that lived inside his very skin, his face devoid of expression. They’d even gone so far as to remove his tongue so he couldn’t speak (or reveal their secrets) if ever captured. He’d endured countless transgressions and inhumane violations of his will, all for a monarchy that didn’t even exist anymore.

They’d warred endlessly for centuries only to completely destroy their entire world in a single afternoon. His people had accidentally detonated a bomb meant for the enemy’s planet inside their own atmosphere, resulting in an explosion that left mere particles of matter floating harmlessly into space where an entire planet had once existed.

He was one of the last of his kind. Having been assigned to gain entrance into a ship off-planet and kill the crew, Kai hadn’t been on his planet when the bomb had detonated. Though, there had been others off-planet of his race, he was not like them. He’d been altered and didn’t even bear a passing resemblance to what his people were “supposed” to look like. The others like him, other “monsters” created in a lab, had all perished along with the medical staff that kept them locked in cages like animals when they were not needed.

He was an assassin that had no one left to serve, no purpose except that of a hired mercenary working jobs to survive..until the rebellious Taxxi Prince offered him a place at his side as his protector. A place to belong. The Prince saw a man and not a monster. Kai still felt like one though, when he looked in the mirror, all he saw was death.

His body was pretty much impervious to every known alien infection. The cells actually manufactured to attack and remove foreign matter that entered his system. His body was programmed, like a computer, to recognise the prototype DNA he was encrypted with and anything foreign to that blue-print was analyzed and/or destroyed if it was deemed a threat to that working construct.

That is, eventually it did that..apparently encountering the heretofore unknown human flu virus wasn’t something that could be fixed immediately. He’d fallen victim to it and he hadn’t liked the sensation one tiny bit. His refusal to rest and let his body do it’s thing had resulted in the Prince ordering him to remain in his quarters or suffer the consequences.

He’d reacted to the ridiculous hint of consequences by lifting an incredulous eyebrow. The sight of which had the Prince smiling gleefully as he responded with “I’ll tell Mila you are sick and need someone to cheer you up!”

Though he was well-designed to respond to and nullify any threat in seconds, had the ability to block every manner of pain, and was able to disappear like smoke into the darkness, he found there was one thing he had never quite been trained to deal with…teenage girls. He had not been able to completely disguise his shudder of revulsion. Even an accomplished hardened, cold-blooded assassin would balk (he knew because he was one such assassin) at even the mere mention of the possibility of a teenage invasion.

The Prince’s daughter, Mila, lived to cheer people up. She never shut up. Endlessly chattering and giggling. Kai couldn’t understand a single thing she said. He’d rather fight a Deka flesh-eating skug-monster. And she never arrived alone. She had…(he gulped) friends…three human teenagers…exactly. like. her. The thought of the 4 of them giggling and attempting to engage him in their idea of a fun evening filled him with complete horror.

He’d pretended not to be at all affected by this pitiful threat…but the Prince had the great fortune of being one of the only creatures in Known existence with the rare ability to feel the emotions of others.

An empath of very strong ability, reading Kai’s aura was child’s play for him. It was, after all, how he’d known he could trust Kai with his very life. The bond between them was strong. Kai had never had a family. He’d been taken as an orphan and made into the monster he was today. Prince Taxxi was the closest thing he’d ever had to a brother.

Most of the time Kai didn’t know what to do about the feeling that stirred up within him. Mostly he just scowled and glared at people. He didn’t know how to express his feelings, but somehow the Prince and his family managed to figure them out anyway. He..felt things when he was with them. Even the…teenager…created feelings in him that he would rather die than admit..ever.

To be continued….


Public Image

Did you manage to finally see,
caught in the web of their imagery?
Twisted against the burning pyre
Did you find those depths amidst the fire?
Remnants of who you once would be.

The slickest lie puts you on your back
Like tomes added to the tilted stack.
Looking for the truth of ages
Circling you like angry pages.

Wasted effort pulled up tight
“I’m too tired to lie tonight”
For this facade you’ve become addicted.
These wounds (are all) self inflicted.

Lost in this endless contemplation
Expressing dismay and deep frustration.
You collapse your worries into a mask
Injured by the waiting task.

Do my words fill you with trepidation?
Soliciting illicit conversation.
Forgotten, you have left behind
The very things, you need to find.


Snowdrops of Jupiter

The outer world is full of haste.

The more we rush, the less we taste.

A listless dream not quite replaced

The lies we tell, that can’t be faced.

Awaken, awaken!

Let the awakening commence.

Return once more, this solid core

and leap the obstructing fence.

Return your eye to something lost

Though, turbulent hopes

were torn and tossed.

Awaken, awaken!

It’s time to be shaken!

Find flowers in snow.

It’s time!

Let’s grow!




I am spending a lot of time on Instagram lately. It’s a way to be social with new people and see things people are up to creatively. I love seeing the posts from artists, craftsmen, and poets. It’s a blast sharing quick comments with them. It’s a bit more social than Facebook actually. Facebook lets you communicate with people you already know, but Instagram let’s you meet new people just by scanning their photo shares and commenting. I like both, but I will admit, I’m on Facebook very rarely these days.

I’m a bit lonely. I should really write my friends and be less of a dork, but I hate talking to friends when I am low. They rely on my optimism so sometimes I feel I can’t share certain moments until I am over them.

It’s just the way I am.

My name on Instagram is Nectarfizzy if you have an interest in joining me.

Sunday strategy

The only thing on my list (for my vacation plans) that I haven’t done yet, is the book plotting and strategizing. Tomorrow’s the day.

Hamilton: The book is done but I still haven’t done the rewrite. Need to print out the entire book and make correction marks all over it. I’m going to see if anyone will take it home and print it off for me. I need to go through and summarize each Chapter now that they are done, in case I want to add bits in that I left out in the rush to get my thoughts down. (AGE GROUP: 8-12)

Left with Livvy: I have a solid storyline in my head, but this bears writing out. I love Livvy very much. She’s me as a kid, but with a slightly harder hill to climb. (My sister-friend, Kazza read it and said the classroom scene made her cry…since the goal in that scene was to make you feel something. I call that a win.) Seth is the guy friend I wish I’d had, so he gets special treatment. (AGE GROUP: 13-16)

Alderdeen: I truly love my world creation. I need to flesh it out even more. These are the days I wish I could paint or draw. I’d love to capture the images in my minds eye. Alderdeen is the one I want a really long series. 13 books planned since it’s paranormal characters. (AGE GROUP: Adult 16- ?)

Lexi Morgan: Seriously have a true solid start on that one. I’m already in by 7 Chapters. I need to delve into my character descriptions and where I want the storyline for each to travel. (AGE GROUP:  Adult 16-?)

The Moon Lenses: Since I no longer have a writing partner and I can’t use his work without his permission, this one might never see the light of day..which is a shame as it has an absolutely brilliant story premise that’s never been done or seen before. It has the same world creation feeling as Harry Potter..but is absolutely nothing like the Harry Potter world. Still, it has that special feeling to it because the ideas are complex and layered.

The Ubiquitous Tome:  I really like the idea of a book that exists everywhere at once. Gotta get some story plot ideas.

Space School: I have ideas. Many, many ideas.

Don’t Mess with the Contessa. Illustrated Children’s Poem. The writing part is done. I need an Illustrator for it though. Once again, wish I could draw. The images are completely clear in my head. (AGE GROUP: 6-8)