Thinking Posts

I post a lot of thinking posts to my blog. Here is a list of my thoughts by year.


Letter to my daughter

My heart keeps talking

I know people

Messing with ones friends

Let me be brave



Social calendar/emotion



The shape of my heart 

Grape cluster thinking

Thinking day

Complete joy


I have stepped through a doorway

Penny candy and Huffy bikes

All the men I love

Thinking out loud

Tiny bit

Moments of memory

Something like happiness

5 embarrassing things


For the love of chocolate no!

Bit of a goofball really

Even happy people cry

Not done, but started

Um, what?

Don’t be a butt

Stubborn heart

Why am I like this?

Juniper and Juni

It’s a rock



Just to clarify

Fictional Character’s

Warriors Tending to their wounds


 “Shields Down” moments

My Definition of Beauty


 The $10 T-shirt

Select Your Rock With Care

My Heart is Not Listening to me Anymore

Knock, Knock

The Neverending Story in my Heart

Why I Hated She-Ra and Still Want to Punch Her in Her Face

When You Tell Me You Are Not Beautiful

 These are not the same stars

10 things that make a male person awesome (to me anyway)

Life from inside a toaster

Love, Life, and Honoring Existences


The Care and Feeding of a Bekki

Bitch, please

Dear Friend I have never met

I Just Don’t Get It

Sometimes there are lessons

Wake up and live

The Wisdom to Love

Because, it makes the flowers grow

 Try Again

If I ever meet cancer, I plan to kick his ass


Muttering at 11pm

Note to Bekki from her body

Diary Entry: 01/04/2014


Inspiration, creativity, and loving what you do


Diary entry: 11/12/2013


What I want to be when I grow up

I hate photographs part 2


(Before this my posts were strictly poems a few here and there but, more or less, poetry driven)


Paul Squires Tribute Post

 A letter in the middle of the night

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